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How we're supporting Ukraine

The proceeds from every purchase of our Ukraine coffee go directly to those who need support in Ukraine. From airbnb rentals, to direct donations to companies that will match donations, we want to do whatever we can to help. Every time we donate we will list where and how much we donated below. 

If you have questions or suggestions, please ask. 


Save Rainbow Lives Ukraine

Save Rainbow Lives Ukraine is a collaborative project between the Safe Space Alliance and Ukraine-based LGBTQI+ nonprofit HPLGBT that aims to help save LGBTQI+ lives impacted by war in Ukraine.

The bilingual logo (Ukrainian and English) combines the Ukraine’s national flower (the sunflower) with the colours of Ukraine’s national flag (blue and yellow). The central sunflower seeds embody colours from various LGBTQI+ community flags symbolising life, solidarity, and resistance. This logo was developed by Safe Space Alliance Director Shannon Novak in consultation with HPLGBT.

$324 Donated from coffee sales

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