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Live in Russellville city limits? You're in luck! We'll drop off a reusable jar full of your coffee of choice, then next time we deliver to you we pick it up and leave the new one. Coffee AND being environmentally conscious?! Yup. Both.

Our deliver day is Tuesday and we typically arrive in the evening.

*Our small jars are pint size.

Local Delivery Subscription - Small

Price Options
Weekly Delivery
Steady stream of coffee
$8.50every week until canceled
Monthly Delivery
For when you don't drink quite as much as you used to.
$8.50every month until canceled

    There are no charges for the local subscriptions.

  • Non-returned Jar Fee

    In order to keep the local delivery cost effective we need to continue using the jars we provide you with. We know things happen and you may forget to leave yours out on your delivery day, but please leave any accumulated jars out for your next delivery or drop them off at one of our locations, otherwise you may incur a fee of $5.

  • Jar Size Information

    'Pint Size Jar' and 'Quart Size Jar' refers to the volume of the jar in fluid ounces. This does not necessarily correspond to the weight of the coffee, as coffee weight varies widely based on factors like bean density and roast level.

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