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Nuclear roast

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Quick Facts:

Origin: Atitlan, Guatemala Colombia

Processing Method: Washed
Roast Level: Medium

Flavor Notes:  Sweet, lightly acidic, and clean, with smooth yet bold chocolate and citrus flavors.

Story Behind the Name: This roast will make you feel radioactive! (In a good way.) With its perfected ratio of Guatemalan and Colombian beans, this medium roast will have you up and “atom” when you need to start your day. The Nuclear Roast is used for all our espresso drinks
, but is extremely versatile and makes great drip coffee, french press, or pour over too! Arkansas Nuclear One is a two-unit pressurized water nuclear power plant located on Lake Dardanelles outside Russellville, Arkansas. It has been in operation since May 21, 1974, and is the only nuclear power facility in Arkansas and supplies 1,823 megawatts of power, which is equal to approximately 30% of the total energy demand of the state. They also employ roughly 900 full-time workers.

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