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Coffee with a note of history.

Here at Retro Roasts, we embrace the history of our location in Downtown Russellville. You'll notice our roast and drink names are references to all things Russellville.


We are a small operation in Russellville, Arkansas whose goal is to make great coffee for great people. (That's you.) One way we're doing that is by throwing some interesting local history into our business model. So, whether you want to know more about Russellville or not- you're going to. Think of it as free conversation starters. You're welcome.


Summary of Roast Origins

Dr. Thomas Russell was the first person to buy a house on what was once the land of Osage and Cherokee Indians. Arkansas Nuclear One is the only Nuclear power plant in Arkansas, and has been since May 21, 1974. The Russellville Depot Station was built around 1910 by the Missouri-Pacific Railroad. It is currently home to Main Street Russellville and is full of history you can go look at and read up on. 1870 was the year that Russellville was officially incorporated as a town, and ever since it's been growing into what it is today. 1870 was also the year that the Currier & Ives published The Arkansas Traveler print that became famous. The music sheet on our decaf roast is an excerpt from the Arkansas Traveler song that was once the Arkansas anthem. How does this connect to Russellville? The original painting was done right here in the area!


The rest, they say, is history. Which we will bring to the masses in the form of coffee beans.

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we proudly roast

with our mill city roaster.

In 2019 we began our official roasting journey with a 1kg Mill City Roaster, a little guy, but the perfect size for what we needed. We continued getting our green beans from the amazing folks at Cafe Imports out of Minneapolis and haven't looked back!


Are we picky when it comes to selecting our green beans* for our coffee roasts? That's an affirmative. We only purchase fair trade, organic (FTO) beans from selective countries around the globe: mainly from Guatemala and Columbia. Organic AND delicious? Win/win.

(In the future we plan to expand our offerings.)


FTO means that it has been grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals and purchased through a coffee trader that has agreed to pay a fair price for the coffee, which covers the costs of sustainable production and living to the farmers. Another win! Our Colombian bean also comes from Women Producers helping support women all over the world. I've officially lost count of how many "wins" that is.


Russell Roast

A light roast that feels like home. Except in your mouth. Named after the famous surgeon, Dr. Thomas Russell (who gave Russellville its name) this roast uses a fair-trade organic Guatemalan bean and is roasted to bring out the hint of almond and cocoa notes.


nuclear Roast

This roast will make you feel radioactive! (In a good way.) With its perfected ratio of Guatemalan and Columbian beans, this medium roast will have you up and “atom” when you need to start your day. The Nuclear Roast is used for all our espresso drinks.

depot Roast

During the early 1870s Russellville’s railroad was built and facilitated trade between other River Valley towns. Our fair-trade, woman-produced, columbian bean pays homage to our Train Depot and is roasted just dark enough to keep you on “track” throughout your day.

1870 Roast

Our smooth decaf offering will be the perfect ending to your day. On June 7, 1870 Russellville was officially incorporated.  Prior to this, Russellville was known as Chactas Prairie. This roast uses a fair-trade bean imported from Mexico.

Local Delivery

local delivery

our team

our coffee also served at:

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Delicíoso Cupcakery -n- Coffee shop

1001 W Main St

Clarksville, AR


B Street Bakery & Deli

311 W B Street

Russellville, AR



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