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Depot roast

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Story Behind the Name: During the early 1870s, Russellville’s railroad was built and facilitated trade between other Rivers Valley towns. The depot is now a museum and the center of all things downtown Russellville. This Columbian bean pays homage to our train depot and is roasted just dark enough to keep you on “track” throughout your day. The Russellville Depot station was built around 1910 by the Missouri-Pacific Railroad. It is currently home to Main Street Russellville and is full of history.

Quick Facts:

Origin: Antioquia, Colombia
Processing Method:

Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Altitude: 1992 masl

Farm: Elpidio Arboleda Tabares

Roast Level: Dark

Flavor Notes:  Smooth and sweet with bold roasty flavor, chocolate, dried cherry and raisin.

Story Behind the Coffee: Colombia as a whole is well known for their coffee 
production, and with an annual output of about 12 million bags (that's nearly 100,000 tons!) they are the third largest coffee producer in the world. In addition to the quantity produced, Colombia is well known for producing consistently high quality coffees with mild, well-balanced, and varied flavor profiles.


Elpidio Arboleda Tabares owns an 8-hectare farm in Urrao, Antioquia, where he has 1.5 hectares of coffee planted. His annual production is around 25 bags.

The coffees on La Soledad are harvested ripe and processed in an interesting way: Elpidio depulps and ferments his coffee in batches, mixing the freshly depulped loads with coffee that has already fermented. The total fermentation time is 72 hours. After washing the coffees clean of mucilage, the seeds are dried in rooftop dryers under the sun.

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