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Here at Retro Roasts, we are picky when it comes to selecting our base green beans for our coffee roasts. We only purchase fair trade, organic (FTO) Arabica beans from selective countries around the globe: mainly from the Americas & Indonesia. FTO means that it has been grown and processed without the use of harmful chemicals and purchased through a coffee trader that has agreed to pay a fair price for the coffee, which covers the costs of sustainable production and living to the farmers. Our Columbian bean also comes from Women Producers helping support women all over the world.

All of our beans are small-batch roasted in our 1kg Mill City Roaster.

our beans

Our Light Roast

Origin: Guatemala Huehuetenango FTO

Our signature in house batch brew that can be requested as a subscription or purchased in 8oz or 16oz bags.

Notes: Tart acidity with lemon, almond, & cocoa flavors.

Our Medium Blend

Origin: Two bean blend of our favorite FTO beans from Guatemala and Columbia.


This is a carefully crafted blend of two of our favorite origins. It can be requested as a subscription or purchased in 8oz or 16oz bags.


Our Darkest Roast

Origin: Columbian

Our specialty darkest roast can be requested as a subscription or purchsed in 8oz or 16oz bags.

Notes: Soft, sweet, & clean with chocolate, lemon, and toffee.


Our Decaf

Origin: Mexico Puebla FTO


After sampling many decaf varieties, this FTO Mexico from the Pueblas region was our overall favorite. With the gentle processing method, you’ll swear it doesn’t taste a bit different from its caffeinated versions.


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